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What is Smile Squad?

Smile Squad is the Victorian Government’s only fully funded school dental program that provides free dental services (examinations and follow-up treatment) to all Victorian public primary, secondary and special schools.  

The friendly Smile Squad dental team will visit your school to provide students with a free annual dental health examination and free follow up treatment as needed.

DET encourages Victorian government schools to use the Smile Squad school dental program to provide oral health services to their students. 

Who is eligible?

All students attending public primary, secondary or special schools in Victoria are eligible, with or without a healthcare card.

How will the program be delivered?

Smile Squad dental vans will visit your school. Each student who has received consent will be provided with a free annual dental health examination and any necessary follow up treatment. A local community dental agency will work with your school to deliver the program, aiming to minimise disruption for you and your students.

What will the Smile Squad do?

The Smile Squad will first visit your school to undertake oral health examinations and preventative care. After the 15 minute examination, students will receive a care plan.  

If no further treatment is required, students will be seen in 12 months for their next dental examination. If a student requires follow-up treatment, an individual care plan will be sent home for parental/carer consent before treatment is provided.

Students will also be provided with a free dental pack and education on teeth brushing and healthy eating.

More information on the services provided can be found on the general information page of this site.

Do teachers need to attend appointments with students?

Teachers do not need to attend appointments with their students. However, if parents or carers wish to, we can make an appointment time for them to attend with their child.

What does it cost?

Smile Squad is free for all Victorian public school students. This program does not include orthodontic or cosmetic treatment.

What if a student has urgent needs/dental pain?

If a student has dental pain, please contact their parent or carer who can contact their nearest dentist or community dental clinic for help. To locate their nearest clinic, they can use Dental Health Services Victoria's Community Dental Clinic Locator or contact the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne

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