General information

All Victorian government schools have now been invited to participate in Smile Squad.

The friendly Smile Squad dental team will provide Victorian public primary and secondary school students with a free, high quality annual dental health examination and free follow up treatment as needed.

What is included?

The friendly Smile Squad dental team will provide the following services to all Victorian government school students:

  • free oral health packs
  • free annual oral health examinations, and
  • free follow-up treatment as needed.

Regular dental checks can prevent or address dental health issues before they become serious. Many students do not see a dentist regularly and have poor dental health.

If a child needs more treatment, like a filling, Smile Squad will contact parents/guardians and make a second appointment. These extra treatments are also completely free.

The program does not include cosmetic procedures.

Who is eligible?

All students attending government schools are eligible for free treatment. They do not need a healthcare card, Medicare or the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

All students attending Virtual School Victoria are eligible. Virtual School Victoria students can contact their community dental agency to make an appointment. Use this link to find the nearest community dental clinic.